PCCW Global (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong-based PCCW is an ABS access teleport partner with an extensive presence throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. PCCW provides integrated global communications solutions on their IP-enabled next generation network that address the needs of business enterprises and service providers.

RRSat Global Communications Network Ltd. (Israel)

RRSat Global Communications Network, ABS’ access teleport partner in Israel, wholly  owns three teleports: Emek HaEla teleport, located in the Judean hills; Re’em Teleport, located south of Israel and Hawley Teleport in Pennsylvania, U.S. RRSat also uses a variety of hosted teleports at sites in the U.S., South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

RRSat provides end-to-end content management and transmission via satellite, fiber and the Internet for over 550 TV and radio channels and multi-platform operators. RRSat provides uplink, downlink and turnaround services to anywhere on the globe, reaching cable TV, DBS, IPTV and mobile service operators, or Internet TV and direct-to-home viewers everywhere.

Singapore Telecom Teleport (Singapore)

Our access teleport partner in Singapore is ST Teleport, a satellite communications solutions provider that serves Asia’s broadcasting, telecommunications and corporate markets. It achieves this through its diverse network of major satellite systems, terrestrial infrastructures and Internet exchanges.

ST Teleport provides a wide variety of services to broadcasting, telecommunications and corporate market sectors such as: uplink and downlink; turnaround; program origination and playout; on-site SNG services; international gateway and VSAT services; IP multicast and studio services.

Korea Telecom (KT) (Korea)

As ABS’ partner in Korea, Korea Telecom provides services via its satellite earth stations in Geumsan and Boeun. KT provides TT&C and uplink services and also offers terrestrial fixed communications solutions as well as mobile solutions for vehicles, ships and aircraft all over the globe.