ABS’ German hosted teleport partner is Munich Teleport International (MTI). It is Germany’s leading media backbone operator connected to major broadcasters, media houses and distribution platform operators. The facility is located in Unterföhring and comprises of two satellite teleports and data centers. Its facilities are connected via international fiber networks and satellites to the world’s media centers. MTI offers permanent services and occasional use services, backed up with a 24 x 7 booking center.

Geo Location
51.43ºN 9.65ºE

Viewable Geo Satellite Arc
22°W – 75°E


  • Data Services
  • Video Services
    • MCPC,
    • Turnaround;
  • Hosting/Colocation Services
    • Antenna,
    • VSAT HUB and related equipment,
    • Network Gateways,
    • Monitoring System;
  • Satellite RF Uplink &/or Downlink Services;
  • IP-Transit Services;
  • Spectrum Monitoring Services.

ABS Satellite/Beam Coverage