Al Shraideh

Sales Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa

2020 was an exceptional year, but for me it will always be one of the best years with my first son born to this world.

2016 was when I joined ABS, a very different company to what it is now – more structured and forward-looking to drive us to build on our customer relationships and partnerships across the region.

I’d remind myself to think it’s just one day and take a moment to reflect on the positive, as this is where opportunities are found.

My fascination with the vastness of space and mankind observations, explorations, and future missions into space. Satellite business in general is a part of that and it always has a motivational effect on me.

Mad off-roading skills and specialty sand dune bashing. This helps me unwind after a long week or celebrate a great new business deal/partnership established with our growing customer base in MENA.