A New Milestone: 1 Billion Transponder Service Minutes and Counting

A New Milestone: 1 Billion Transponder Minutes of Available Service and Counting


On May 30, 2020, ABS marks the milestone of providing more than 1 billion transponder minutes of available service for its customers.

Since the company started in 2006, ABS has owned and operated eight spacecraft among which two have been successfully retired.  The current fleet of six provides a complete range of tailored solutions including broadcasting, data and telecommunication services to broadcasters, service providers, enterprises and government organizations.  The fleet connects over 180 countries reaching 93% of the world’s population across the Americas, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, CIS and Russia.

The Subic Bay Space Center in the Philippines, and the highly trained team of engineers, analysts, and satellite controllers has been responsible for achieving this significant moment for the ABS fleet.

“Reaching the 1 billion transponder minute mark demonstrates ABS’ commitments to our customers around the world and the growth of the company,” remarked Jim Frownfelter, CEO of ABS.  “This milestone demonstrates the superior reliability of our satellites and is a great testament to the ingenuity and dedication of the ABS satellite operations team, and everyone in the ABS family.”

The satellite operations team has broad knowledge of satellites, unique experience and successful on-orbit satellite operations from handover to de-orbit. ABS offers TT&C facilities and satellite services expertise to satellite owners and operators through ABSPlus SatOps – find out more here.