Data Services

Broadband Internet
and IP Trunking

ABS connects remote regions using satellite technology, bridging the digital gap for all communities.


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Broadband Internet

Our world runs on broadband networks, but there are still many regions of the world that are underserved or have no access to these critical networks at all. At ABS, we are committed to closing this divide wherever it exists, improving existing networks and establishing new ones.

Our reliable broadband internet service, delivered via our ABS satellite fleet in Ku-, C- and Ka-band, empowers businesses, organizations and communities stimulating growth and better living standards, no matter how remote the location.

  • Available in Ku-, C- and Ka-band
  • For businesses, organizations and communities
  • Ideal for remote locations
IP Trunking

Our affordable IP trunking solutions enable enterprise and government organizations to access broadband networks even in difficult-to-reach locations, providing the reliable connectivity that they require. This enables the delivery of critical applications such as telemedicine, government initiatives and emergency communications that would otherwise be too costly and difficult to establish.

  • Cost-effective
  • Enables delivery of critical applications
  • Available in difficult-to-reach locations

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