Operations & Services

Master Control Room

The Master Control Room (MCR) is the heart of all broadcast operations, providing services for broadcasting, direct-to-home (DTH), video contribution and cable distribution. ABS has MCRs in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Managed services to TV broadcasters

  • Signal receiving
    Satellite, lease line, internet
  • Turnaround
    Satellite, lease line
  • Playout, encoding, encryption
  • Colocation


  • Signal monitoring in the broadcasting path

    • Source, playout, encoding, modulation, up-/downlink
    • Video/audio/data, MPEG stream, carrier spectrum
  • Manage automation and playout

    • 24/7, 365 operation operations
    • Agile to last minute/ad-hoc changes
  • Live event operations

    • Source signal reception via various media (satellites, fiber, public internet)
    • Up-/down/cross-format conversion

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