ABS partner in Italy, the Lario Space Center supplies highly specialized services, providing users with continuous and qualified assistance guaranteed by the experience and know-how. It is highly experienced in operations handling and operational management of television connections 24/7 as well as managing telecommunications networks for corporate and institutional users.

Geo Location
46.158°N, 9.408°E

Viewable Geo Satellite Arc
53°W – 75°E


  • Satellite TT&C;
  • Data Services
  • Video Services
    • MCPC,
    • Turnaround;
  • Hosting/Colocation Services
    • Antenna,
    • VSAT HUB and related equipment,
    • Network Gateways,
    • Monitoring System;
  • Satellite RF Uplink &/or Downlink Services;
  • IP-Transit Services;
  • Spectrum Monitoring Services.

ABS Satellite/Beam Coverage

  • ABS-2: C (GL & WH) ; Ku (MENA); KA (MENA)
  • ABS-2A: Ku (MENA & AF- Beam Edge)
  • ABS-3A: C (EH & GL); Ku (EUROPE)