Partner Teleports


Gera Lario Teleport

Gera Lario Teleport, part of the Lario Space Center, is located at the far north of Lake Como in Italy. The teleport delivers highly specialized services including TT&C, data, video, hosting and co-location, RF uplink and downlink, IP transit and spectrum monitoring.

Geo Location

46.158°N ; 9.408°E

Viewable Geo Satellite Arc

53°W – 75°E

ABS Satellite/Beam Coverage

ABS-2: C (GL & WH) ; Ku (MENA); KA (MENA)
ABS-2A: Ku (MENA & AF- Beam Edge)
ABS-3A: C (EH & GL); Ku (EUROPE)


  • Satellite TT&C

  • Data Services: VSAT Network, Cellular Backhaul, SCPC, VNO
  • Video Services: MCPC, Turnaround

  • Hosting/Colocation Services: Antenna, VSAT HUB and related equipment, Network Gateways, Monitoring System

  • Satellite RF Uplink &/or Downlink Services

  • IP-Transit Services

  • Spectrum Monitoring Services