ABS Expands VSAT Services Using Advanced Technology from UHP Networks

MONTREAL: UHP Networks Inc, a leading manufacturer of innovative VSAT equipment, announced today that it has been selected by ABS, a leading satellite operator, to expand its VSAT technology. ABS has rolled out several UHP-based networks across Africa, Asia and the Pacific providing internet and VSAT connectivity and now plans to deploy new services in the Middle East.

For the expansion of the ABS network, UHP Networks is supplying multiple high-density redundant UHP-HTS hubs and state-of-the-art UHP-100 remote routers. The UHP technology will provide a high-availability, bandwidth-efficient and cost-effective service to ABS customers.

Tom Choi, CEO of ABS said, “We have operated UHP technology in the ABS satellite networks for over 5 years. We are satisfied with its performance and reliability and have decided to expand the scope and the scale of our managed services further into the region. UHP network architecture is scalable and adaptable offering very cost effective solutions.”

Vagan Shakhgildian, CEO of UHP Networks added, “We are pleased to support ABS, one of the major innovators in the global satellite industry. UHP technology delivers high availability and reliability, excellent bandwidth efficiency and superior processing capability over 100,000 packets per second in a remote terminal.”

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