Asia Broadcast Satellite Launches Outdoor Channel HD Across Asia

Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) is announcing its first fully integrated High Definition channel launch with Outdoor Channel throughout Asia and the Pacific.

ABS is providing Outdoor Channel with a comprehensive, integrated broadcast solution including content library management, HD and SD playout, subtitling, encryption, and transmission services for Outdoor Channel, using its ABS-1 and ABS-5 satellites. The channel will be distributed via ABS-1’s wide C-band “B Beam” in 1080i HD format and ABS-5’s pan-regional C-band beam in NTSC SD format.

Outdoor Channel features traditional and contemporary outdoor sports such as fishing, off-road, water sports, hunting and other related outdoor lifestyle programming. Whether out on the ocean or on top of a mountain, Outdoor Channel covers a broad range of outdoor activities that thrill, inspire and entertain.

Present at the launch ceremony were Mr. Gregg Creevey, Multi Channels Asia (MCA), Managing Director – Asia, Mr. Tom Choi, Chief Executive Officer of ABS and Mr. William (Billy) Kelly, MCA , Managing Director – USA (left to right).

“We are thrilled to announce the availability of our in-house HD broadcast solution with the launch of Outdoor Channel. By vertically integrating the channel origination process under one roof, ABS offers exceptional value for new HD and SD channels interested in the dynamic Asian Pay TV market,” commented Tom Choi, CEO of ABS. “This new facility serves as a foundation for driving more business to our expanding fleet of broadcast satellites.”

“The comprehensive service provided by ABS was a key factor in our decision to launch Outdoor Channel across Asia and the Pacific,” said Gregg Creevey Managing Director – Asia, MCA. William (Billy) Kelly, Managing Director – USA, MCA said “The ABS team understood our needs as a new channel operator in Asia and crafted a creative solution that delivered on cost, capability, and flexibility, which allows us to focus on programming and distribution, rather than technical operations.”

About Asia Broadcast Satellite

Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) is one of the fastest growing premium satellite operators in the world. ABS serves a global customer base with representatives in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. ABS offers a complete range of End-to-End solutions including Direct to Home (DTH) and Cable TV distribution (CATV), Cellular Backhaul, VSAT and Internet Backbone services with diverse IP transit through its European and Asian internet gateways. ABS currently hosts over 175 TV channels making it as one of the fastest growing and top satellite distribution platforms and broadcaster of TV channels in the Asia Pacific.

ABS is rapidly expanding its satellite fleet and business worldwide through the recent acquisitions of ABS- 7 (formerly Koreasat-3), ABS-1A (formerly Koreasat-2) and ABS-5 (formerly Agila-2). ABS has also completed a strategic cooperation with Eutelsat for the ABS-1B/W75 satellite at 75°E. ABS is planning the launch of a new state-of-the-art high powered satellite, ABS-2, that is scheduled to become operational in 2013. ABS-2 will be located at the 75° East Longitude, ABS’ prime orbital location covering four-fifths of the world’s population across the Indian Ocean region.

ABS is committed to maintaining its aggressive growth through the announcement of more strategic partnerships, acquisitions and further additions to its satellite fleet of ABS-1, ABS-1A, ABS-1B, ABS-2, ABS-5 and ABS-7.

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About Multi Channels Asia

MCA is a Singapore based media company, which owns, represents and distributes a number of thematic Pay TV networks serving Asia and the Pacific. MCA operates three business divisions, TV channel investment and development, TV channel distribution and project based consultancies. MCA owns and operates Outdoor Channel (Asia), Havoc Television (Asia) and distributes Bloomberg Television USA), ITV Granada (UK) and Al Jazeera English (Qatar) among others.