ABS began its journey with the acquisition of the Lockheed Martin LMI-1 satellite, which today has been renamed to ABS-6. This was followed quickly by the acquisition of two further satellites: Agila-2 in 2009 (formerly ABS-3) and Koreasat-2 (formerly ABS-1A).

The company saw further growth after its acquisition in 2010 by Permira Funds which was followed in the same year by the acquisition of Koreasat-3 (now ABS-7).

Since 2010, the company has continued its impressive growth trajectory with the launch of ABS-2 and acquisition of MBSat-1 (now ABS-4/Mobisat) in 2014. Two further satellite launches then ensued in 2015 with the ABS-3A and ABS-2A satellites in 2016, respectively.

Today, ABS global coverage delivers a great variety of data, video and hosted services to customers around the world.

ABS looks forward to bringing further capacity and services to our customers over the next decade with high quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness.