EMENA Insights from Paolo Pusterla, MD of Europe and the Middle East
Power Your Connectivity and Coverage Across EMENA

Dedicated to serving MENA
ABS serves the MENA region with dedicated regional beams as well as global beams provided over three satellites of its fleet: ABS-2, ABS-2A co-located at 75°East and ABS-3A positioned at 3 °West.  The dedicated regional beams allow for high-power connectivity across the MENA region as well as the Southern and Eastern European regions, with access to key teleports for internet trunking services.  The global beams provide customers with connectivity from/to the MENA region, and the African and Asian continents, with reach to well-established neighborhoods of satellite services users and operators.

ABS-3A @ 3°West 
ABS-3A is a satellite offering connectivity across Europe, MENA, the North Atlantic region and the Americas in both Ku and C-band. Its unique Pan-African coverage is in high demand for corporate data networks, mobile networks backhauling and video primary distribution.

The MENA Ku-band payload hosts video primary distributions and point-to-point contributions for the entire region, with high power coverage stretching from Morocco to the Gulf countries. It also suits for national backhauling networks and international internet trunking.

The European beam, which stretches over the North Atlantic region until the American continent, serves various applications: maritime mobile networks as well as video contributions. The latter notably in the domain of live sports: ABS-3A carries regularly video feeds from a variety of high-profile events, sports from European national and international football leagues to professional golf, tennis, cycling and many more.  It is a satellite beam widely received and used by the broadcasting community in Europe.

ABS-2 and ABS-2A @ 75°East 
75° East is a prime position for both broadcast services and corporate data networks in the Eastern hemisphere.  ABS-2 and ABS-2A satellites provide beams with regional as well as continental coverage of the whole Russia, Southern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and notably the Gulf countries, Asia as well as Eastern Africa. Coverage of a large portion of the Indian Ocean is also offered for maritime services.

The ABS-2A  Russian beam  carries more than 500 television channels  to about one million DTH homes and more than 1500 cable head-ends in the Russian and former CIS territories, making 75°East a prime TV distribution position for the region.

All the Ku-band beams at 75° East are optimal for data services, video contribution platforms for fixed and mobile users, as well as aeronautical and maritime connectivity. The large Ka-band payload over ABS-2 targets the MENA/Southern Europe region and provides cost effective solutions for commercial and military applications.

Ground Infrastructure 
ABS’ teleport infrastructure features a number of ground facilities in various regions with direct access to all ABS satellites as well as other GEO, MEO and LEO satellites.  Customers are offered such infrastructure for their ground segment requirements to uplink to ABS satellites as well as other operators’ capacities. Trunking services are also provided to enable high bandwidth internet access and mobile networks backhauling.

ABSPlus is a portfolio of value-added services to serve a broad spectrum of satellite communication requirements.  ABS services support a range of global, scalable network services.

Customers can leverage on ABS’ expertise to accelerate their time to market, save on upfront operational expenses and quickly deploy reliable solutions for their users.

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