Intersputnik and Asia Broadcast Satellite sign Multiple Transponder Deal on ABS-2

Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) and the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications (Intersputnik) announced that they have signed a substantial multi-transponder lifetime lease agreement for capacity on board the ABS- 2 satellite expected to launch in 2012.

This multi-million dollar agreement with Intersputnik will represent the largest customer to date on the ABS-2 spacecraft for the lifetime lease of multiple Ku-band transponders on the new ABS-2 Russia/CIS Beam for Direct-to-Home and Video Services.

Intersputnik’s core business is leasing satellite capacity to telecommunications operators, broadcasters and corporate customers under agreements with partner operators as well as providing full scale services for the establishment and operation of satellite network through its subsidiary Intersputnik Holding Ltd.

“ABS has been in partnership with Intersputnik since the inception of ABS in 2006. We are currently providing Intersputnik with capacity on ABS-1 and also work very closely with Intersputnik on a number of different strategic opportunities. This agreement for new capacity on ABS-2 signifies the close, long-term, strategic relationship with Intersputnik and our continued support for their long-term business objectives,” said Tom Choi, Chief Executive Officer of ABS.

Stefan Kollar, Deputy Director General of Intersputnik commented, “We look forward to the launch of the most advanced satellite ABS-2 in the Asia Pacific region and start of its commercial service in 2012. Considering the acute shortage of satellite capacity, this spacecraft’s resource is indispensable on the rapidly growing telecommunications market in Russia.”

About Asia Broadcast Satellite

Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) is one of the fastest growing premium satellite operators in the world. ABS serves a global customer base with representatives in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. ABS offers a complete range of End-to-End solutions including Direct to Home (DTH) and Cable TV distribution (CATV), Cellular Backhaul, VSAT and Internet Backbone services with diverse IP transit through its European and Asian internet gateways. ABS currently host over 175 TV channels making it as one of the fastest growing and top satellite distribution platforms and broadcaster of TV channels in the Asia Pacific.

ABS is rapidly expanding its satellite fleet and business worldwide through the recent acquisitions of ABS-1A (formerly Koreasat -2) and Mabuhay Satellite Corporation’s Agila 2 satellite (renamed as Agila 2/ABS-5). ). ABS has also recently signed an agreement with Eutelsat for a commercial cooperation to relocate the EUROBIRD™ 4 satellite (renamed ABS-1B) to ABS’ strategic 75°E orbital location.

In addition, ABS has completed the procurement process for a new state-of-the-art high powered satellite, ABS-2, that is scheduled to become operational during the first half of 2012. The ABS-2 satellite will be one of the largest FSS satellites to be launched over the Eastern Hemisphere with 78 active transponders delivering over 14 kW of payload power. Together with ABS-1, the 75° East Longitude position will be the most powerful orbital location in the Asia Pacific / Indian Ocean region with over 22kW of power and expansive coverage with 122 active C, Ku and Ka-band transponders.

ABS is committed to maintaining its aggressive growth through the announcement of more strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and further additions to its satellite fleet of ABS-1, ABS- 1A, ABS-1B, ABS-2, and ABS-5.

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About the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications

The Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications was established on November 15, 1971. Today, Intersputnik has 25 member states in practically all parts of the world from Latin America to South-East Asia and from Europe to the south of the Arabian peninsula.

Today, Intersputnik provides to its customers the resource of telecommunications satellites located in the geostationary orbit from 14W to 140E. One of our key partners is the Russian Satellite Communications Company, which owns a fleet of advanced Express-series satellites. Also, Intersputnik enjoys the status of the official distributor of Eutelsat’s satellite resource and Measat’s resource on the AFRICASAT-1 satellite. It markets and sells Intelsat’s satellite capacity and offers service on the ABS-1 (LMI-1) satellite.

Intersputnik distinctive feature and main advantage is that it is an all-purpose supplier of satellite capacity and technological solutions. This is why Intersputnik’s government and private customers in over 40 countries have a very wide choice of satellite resources in various systems operating on the global market and can receive all kinds of information from a single source.

One of Intersputnik’s core businesses is to make satellite capacity available to telecommunications operators, broadcasters and corporate customers under agreements with partner operators and to offer full-scale services via its subsidiary Intersputnik Holding, Ltd. for the purpose of installing and operating satellite telecommunications networks. Such full-scale services include access to internet backbones, uplink services, switching and digital platform services as well as supply and integration of ground equipment. The Russian satellite telecommunications operator Isatel LLC, which is part of the Intersputnik Holding, Ltd. group, offers Russian and international telecommunications operators and corporate customers the required technological platform for the establishment of satellite telecommunications networks and provision of telecommunications services based of this platform.

Intersputnik’s principal asset is its long-standing experience while the availability of its own orbit and spectrum resource guarantees its successful development. Using this resource, Intersputnik is implementing projects aimed at procuring and deploying spacecraft in its own orbital positions to provide service in the most rapidly developing regions with growing demand for satellite telecommunications services.

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