Marlink teams-up with Asia Broadcast Satellite to expand Ku-band coverage in Asia Pacific Region.

Ongoing Ku-band coverage expansions from global satellite communications provider

Marlink, the global provider of maritime satellite communications has announced the extension of its Ku-band VSAT services to include Hong Kong, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean. The coverage expansion follows a recent VNO (Virtual Network Operator) agreement with Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) Hong Kong for the use of the wide Southern Ku Beam on the ABS-1 satellite at the 75°E. The ABS-1 Southern Beam offers the widest Ku-band coverage in the Asia-Pacific region extending from Mongolia to the South of Thailand and across Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Japan. Use of the ABS-1 satellite will enable Marlink to provide greater Ku-band coverage to its WaveCall™ and @SEAdirect™ customers in Hong Kong, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean.

“Our latest Ku-band expansion to cover Hong Kong and its surrounding areas supports growing demand for always-on, reliable communications in the region and is part of our ongoing strategy to provide Ku-band coverage on a global scale. Following our recent agreement with ABS Hong the new coverage spot is available with immediate effect to all WaveCall™ and @SEAdirect™ customers sailing in the region,” comments Tore Morten Olsen, CEO, Marlink.

Commenting on the new agreement, Tom Choi, CEO of ABS said: “The ABS-1 Ku Southern beam provides the widest Ku-band coverage in Asia and perfectly aligns with Marlink’s growing demand for connectivity. We are pleased to support Marlink to help expand their services globally and provide the capacity and teleport support that Marlink needs to seamlessly serve their customers focusing on key coverage areas in Hong Kong and across the Indian Ocean region.”

Marlink’s WaveCall™ and @SEAdirect Ku-band VSAT services provide always-on cost-effective satellite communications including Internet, email and voice services. The company’s extension of Ku-band coverage to include this region has been made possible by the company’s recent appointment of ABS to house its Ku-band VSAT equipment there. Marlink will manage and operate the network in this region remotely from its Southbury teleport in the United States.
ABS has been selected by Marlink as a company equally committed to providing exceptional service to its customers and is maintaining its aggressive growth through the announcement of more strategic partnerships, acquisitions and further additions to its satellite fleet of ABS-1, ABS-1A, ABS-1B, ABS-2, ABS-5 and ABS-7.

Owning several teleports in major regions throughout the world, Marlink is able to provide high quality, reliable connectivity globally as well as exceptional flexibility of service. Marlink’s comprehensive portfolio ranges from its own VSAT solutions Sealink™, WaveCall™ and @SEAdirect to MSS on-demand services including Inmarsat FleetBroadband and Iridium OpenPort.

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About Marlink

Marlink is a global satellite communications leader, providing maritime customers with one source for an entire range of voice and data solutions backed by the industry’s most trusted service and support network. As the developers of Sealink™ — one of the most established VSAT solutions in commercial maritime market – Marlink’s offering for bulk cargo vessels, yachts and leisure vessels is WaveCall™, a fast, cost-efficient Maritime VSAT Solution providing professional-class communications at sea and @SEAdirect, a low-cost entry level
VSAT service ideal for crew and light business applications. Across its wide range of satellite communications products and solutions, Marlink routes communication through its own teleports to ensure superior quality, reliability and flexibility for Marlink customers. With offices worldwide, including Athens, Brussels, Dubai, Hamburg, Houston, London, Oslo, Washington DC, Singapore and Tokyo, Marlink delivers the widest choice in satellite communication solutions matched with expert personal support available day or night, from anywhere.

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About Asia Broadcast Satellite

Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) is one of the fastest growing premium satellite operators in the world. ABS serves a global customer base with representatives in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. ABS offers a complete range of End-to-End solutions including Direct to Home (DTH) and Cable TV distribution (CATV), Cellular Backhaul, VSAT and Internet Backbone services with diverse IP transit through its European and Asian internet gateways. ABS currently host over 175 TV channels making it as one of the fastest growing and top satellite distribution platforms and broadcaster of TV channels in the Asia Pacific.

ABS is rapidly expanding its satellite fleet and business worldwide through the recent acquisitions of ABS-1A (formerly Koreasat -2) and Mabuhay Satellite Corporation’s Agila 2 satellite (renamed as Agila 2/ABS-5). ). ABS has also recently signed an agreement with Eutelsat for a commercial cooperation to relocate the EUROBIRD™ 4 satellite (renamed ABS-1B) to ABS’ strategic 75°E orbital location.

In addition, ABS has completed the procurement process for a new state-of-the-art high powered satellite, ABS-2, that is scheduled to become operational during the first half of 2012. The ABS-2 satellite will be one of the largest FSS satellites to be launched over the Eastern Hemisphere with 78 active transponders delivering over 14 kW of payload power. Together with ABS-1, the 75° East Longitude position will be the most powerful orbital location in the Asia Pacific / Indian Ocean region with over 22kW of power and expansive coverage with 122 active C, Ku and Ka-band transponders.

ABS is committed to maintaining its aggressive growth through the announcement of more strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and further additions to its satellite fleet of ABS-1, ABS- 1A, ABS-1B, ABS-2, and ABS-5.