Motorvision: Distribution of car channel Motorvision TV on Asia Broadcast Satellite’s HD platform

Motorvision, Europe´s leading automotive-themed content provider, has selected Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) to distribute its High Definition car and motor channel MOTORVISION TV across the Asian continent. This exciting HD channel launched its broadcast services to Asia via the ABS-1 satellite (at 75° East) HD video platform on C-band.

ABS is providing a comprehensive end-to-end broadcast solution including, turn-around, encryption, HD multiplexing and transmission services for MOTORVISION TV from ABS’ uplink facilities in Munich. The HD channel is transmitted in 1080i format at 12 Mbps for optimal quality.

MOTORVISION TV covers all aspects of the world of the auto-mobility industry from luxury limousines to powerful super-sport cars, from timeless classics to innovative cars and cutting- edge technology. Viewers and motor enthusiasts alike can enjoy in-depth documentary features, reports, portraits and magazine shows as well as various lifestyle formats and motorsports.  The channel can also be watched in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Liechtenstein as well as in 22 countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

“We are very happy to extend the coverage of MOTORVISION TV to the Asia Pacific region through our partnership with ABS. Now that the signal is available, Asian TV operators can gain an insight into our program offering,” said Jochen Kröhne, CEO of MOTORVISION TV. Motorvision is working on the next international rollout of MOTORVISION TV and announced in early February its cooperation with Multi Channels Asia, Asia’s leading distributor of independent pay TV channels.

“ABS is very excited to work with MOTORVISION TV to support their expansion plans into the Asian TV market. The addition of Motorvision adds to our strong line-up of international broadcasters and the growing number of HD channels taking advantages of our wide market coverage and the unique orbital position connecting Central Europe directly to Asia,” said Richard Pak, Chief Development Officer of ABS.