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Reynald Ross Reyes

Reynald Ross Reyes Manager, Spacecraft Engineering, based in Subic Bay, Philippines I have been with ABS since 2010 and it has been my second home since I started my career as a [...]

Junaid Yusuf

Junaid Yusuf IT & Network Admin I had set a goal to obtain Azure certifications this year and I was able to achieve that goal. I like to get coffee and [...]

Eric Onomo

Eric Onomo Senior Sales Engineer, Africa I like new challenges but not routines. If I am to do the same thing every day, I tend to question how things stand in order [...]

Edson José De Vito

Edson José De Vito Jr. Edson José De Vito Jr. For this ABS Portrait, we remember our dear friend and colleague Edson De Vito, who passed away [...]

George Michael F. Bacani

George Michael Bacani Senior Satellite Controller, Fleet Operations As a Satellite Controller with imaginative nephews and younger cousins, a popular misconception that I get, and arguably [...]

Alex Susana

Alex Susana IT System Administrator, Subic Bay The year 2020 was the most challenging year for me. Due to the pandemic, I had to pay extra attention when delivering my tasks, as [...]

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