Giselle Gatdula



Customer Solution Engineer, Subic Bay

I started as a Junior TAC Engineer in 2012, when all Senior Engineers, Supervisors and Managers were helpful to get me up to speed on the day-to-day duties.  After some time, I was promoted to Senior TAC Engineer to train the newly hired. I was also given an opportunity to be trained by the former CTO about satellite fundamentals and link budgets.  This inspired me to keep growing and my role further evolved to become a Customer Solutions Engineer, which opened a door to new learnings and skills for me.

The year of 2020 taught us about the brevity of life. It reminded us of the importance of breathing in, breathing out, and finding happiness in simple things such as seeing the sun every morning and keeping a job during these difficult times. I am grateful to be part of ABS’ amazing team while being aware of the challenges faced by different industries.

Smiling co-workers.  A smile never costs anybody anything and a day seems to go better when I am surrounded by colleagues who smile and are willing to help anytime, or even to hug you when you are not feeling alright.

A nice breakfast fuels my morning, while a shower and comfortable outfit bring a refreshing start of my day.  In the office, I make sure everything in my workspace is decluttered and positioned to support my daily tasks. I would normally create a simple to-do list, set priorities, and focus on what needs to be accomplished.

The end of the day sets the stage for tomorrow, so I tend to wrap up my day in an orderly and positive way to ensure that I look back with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. My routines include reviewing my completed tasks and upcoming schedules, which help making it easier for me to start afresh the next morning.