IT & Network Admin

I had set a goal to obtain Azure certifications this year and I was able to achieve that goal.

I like to get coffee and check my email first. After I take care of all work requests, I check the news and updates in the IT industry, and work towards my next goal for this year.

I believe everyone should learn basic programming as this will be beneficial for most fields even if you are not in IT.

In today’s world, I would suggest Security+, which provides core knowledge of cybersecurity and a valuable certification. Other cloud-based certifications such as Azure, GCP or AWS would be useful as well, since more and more companies are migrating to the cloud.

  1. Outlook – for checking emails on the go without having to carry your work laptop.
  2. Grandstream Wave – for making voice calls and long-distance calls directly from the app with your business or residential SIP account regardless of where you are.
  3. Salesforce – for sales team to track sales opportunities, and different departments to collaborate.