Reynald Ross Reyes

Reynald Ross


Manager, Spacecraft Engineering, based in Subic Bay, Philippines

I have been with ABS since 2010 and it has been my second home since I started my career as a Spacecraft Engineer. Together with my ABS superiors and colleagues, we’ve collected countless memorable moments, bloopers, and life stories. My most memorable time was the year when we were training in Korea under an ABS partner company. It’s special for me because I met another family during my stay, and until now, I cherished sharing that one-year experience with them. I’m thankful and proud to say that working with them was an honour, as they not only contributed to our successful training, but also assisted us on matters beyond work. My career started from there, and I am grateful for working at ABS! Looking forward to meeting new people and creating more memorable moments here!

During the Mabuhay satellite days (a long while ago), we had a site tour in Subic Space Center as part of our academy’s requirement. I was amazed by the way that satellite works and I knew it was the career I wanted to pursue once I passed my ECE board exams. After passing my board exams, I applied for the job at ABS and I was hired! 11 years and counting, I am still passionate about many things. New learnings, new development, new goals, and new success… there are no boundaries in reaching your dreams and I can say I am living my dream.

It is important to remember that a bad day at work should stay at work. Don’t let the hours at work dictate your happiness for the rest of the day. Tune in to your happy place, let it out, reflect and understand the situation, you will likely find some relief. It’s normal to feel emotions such as frustration and anger at times, but try not to make it a habit. Reflect on your day and move on! Tomorrow is a new day! Stay positive!

The best love is the one that makes you a better person. If you are loved and feel loved, you will feel true happiness. If you are happy and inspired, it really brings out the best in you and it will ripple and radiate in everything you do. Be inspired and share the love.

I’m somewhat organized when it comes to my emails. As we receive lot of emails daily, it should start from there. I used to use the rules in my Outlook for years, but for better efficiency, I just created lots of folders for categorizing and sorting my emails manually. I make sure that I read all the emails before I move them to their designated folders. The incoming email folder is where my action items sit. So once the email does not require further action, I will move it to its designated folder. I group emails by subject so it will be easier to track and move them all at once. It is an effective method for me as I can track all our work, activities, and stay on top of my emails for pending action items.