Today, broadcasters are constantly looking to reach new customers in new markets across the world and the importance of delivering the right content to the right regions is paramount. Local content is more important than ever before and broadcasters rely heavily upon satellite content distribution and management companies to make this happen.
For international broadcaster Fox Networks Group (FNG), localization of content is key and, as the leading Pay-TV operator in Asia, the company is spearheading the effort to tailor content to different audiences.

Asia is a very diverse region with many countries that have their own cultures, tastes and preferences in terms of TV viewing. The challenge for FNG, was to ensure that its Filipino viewers could enjoy tailored channels that meet their expectations.


FNG approached ABS for a solution that would provide MCPC services, playout and satellite capacity in order to meet this challenge. To fulfil FNG’s requirements, ABS made significant investment in ground infrastructure at their Subic Bay Teleport. It established a digital playout facility that incorporates the most advanced automation systems, playout servers, encoders, multiplexing and encryption systems – all operating over the ABS-2 satellite. Through ABS’ investments, the facility can support FNG with services that have been specifically tailored to support the broadcaster’s operations in the Philippines.
FNG signals are relayed to ABS’ Subic Bay teleport where the channels are uplinked to the ABS-2 satellite. ABS provides a comprehensive integrated broadcast 24 x 7 solution for FNG with full technical support.


FNG is now delivering customized channels for its local audiences in the Philippines and is meeting the goals of its localization strategy and servicing its regional customers better than ever before.

FNG has developed a long-term, very successful partnership with ABS. The operator has shown its strong commitment to FNG through its upgrade at Subic Bay. ABS’ local presence, knowledge of the region and advanced facilities means that ABS is well positioned to serve customers with a richer portfolio of innovated solutions that will help them to access satellite capacity and customized tailored solutions.