The world runs on broadband networks and these connections are no longer a luxury – they are a necessity. However, there are still many regions of the world that are underserved or do not have any broadband connectivity at all. At ABS, we fully recognise the importance of broadband access within urban, sub-urban and rural communities. We are committed to improving connectivity where it already exists and providing it to regions that are unconnected.

ABS’ broadband internet service provides the go-to solution for remote broadband services. No matter what the terrain or geographical location, we empower businesses and communities with affordable and highly reliable broadband services via our fleet of satellites in Ku, C and Ka-band.


For many enterprises, government and other organisations, gaining access to broadband networks in rural locations can be difficult.

ABS’ offers comprehensive and affordable IP trunking solution for a range of applications that include rural broadband and telemedicine, government initiatives and emergency communications.

Connecting your business or institution through ABS’ IP trunking service means that you can stay connected regardless of your geographical location.

Available beams suitable for this application:


East Hemi beam


Ku-South East Asia 1 beam

Ku -South East Asia 2 beam


East Hemi beam


A beam

B beam