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Agustina Parapat

Agustina Parapat HR & Business Operation Officer, Jakarta In her video, Agustina shares her career journey and thoughts on the following Q&A questions: When did you first start working at ABS and [...]

Giselle Gatdula

Giselle Gatdula Customer Solution Engineer, Subic Bay I started as a Junior TAC Engineer in 2012, when all Senior Engineers, Supervisors and Managers were helpful to get me up to speed [...]

Sakher Al Shraideh

Sakher Al Shraideh Sales Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa 2020 was an exceptional year, but for me it will always be one of the best years with my first son born [...]

Sheila Marie Francisco

Sheila Marie Francisco Principal Satellite Operations Engineer, based in Subic Bay I joined ABS in 2010 when we had three satellites back then. After a decade, we have eight satellites in [...]

Lara Ammoury

Lara Ammoury Senior Sales Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa Reducing gender inequalities in the MENA region. The overall progress of gender equality is not enough, especially in the MENA region. Removing [...]

Jennifer Mallari

Jennifer Mallari Satellite Controller, based in Subic Bay, Philippines The first two photos was taken today (12 Mar) in 2018. I can still remember my first day as a Satellite Controller [...]

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