Subic Space Center (SSC) is a pioneering satellite communications facility in the Philippines providing tracking, telemetry, control services, satellite operations, customer technical assistance, and managed services.

The space center houses multiple antennas and state-of-the-art control rooms.

The facility is managed by highly trained personnel and engineers working on a 24/7 operating schedule.


  • Data Services:
    VSAT Network, Cellular Backhaul, SCPC, VNO
  • Video Services:
    MCPC, Playout, Turn-around, Encryption, Occasional Use Feeds
  • Hosting Services:
    Uplink & Downlink, Monitoring, Co-location
  • Satellites Accessed:
    ABS-2 Global, E Hemi & Southern beams
    ABS-2A SE Asia beam
    ABS-6 A, B & Southern beams
  • Operations Support:
    Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
    Spacecraft Operations Center (SOC)
    Master Control Room (MCR)
dish-ku 9m x 1 7.2m x 1
dish-c 1m x 1 9m x 1 8.1m x 2 7.3m x 1